About us

Africa R is a consortium of passionate Africa R user groups and users innovating with R every day, and are inspired to share their experience as well as communicate their findings to a global audience.

This consortium was birthed from the underrepresentation and minority involvement of the African population in every role and area of participation, whether as R developers, conference speakers, educators, users, researchers, leaders and package maintainers.

As a community, our mission is to achieve improved representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering the African population of all genders who are underrepresented in the global R community.

The primary objective of Africa R is to support already existing R Users across Africa, and R enthusiasts to embrace the full potential of R programming, through fostering a collaborative continental network of R gurus, mentors, learners, developers and leaders, to help facilitate individual and collective progress worldwide.

❗We would love to help come up with more R User Groups in Africa. If you are interested in creating one, please go through this post, and please reach out if you need more information on how to go about it.

Meet the Team



Shelmith Kariuki 🇰🇪

Senior Data Analyst

Data Science, R, Python, Training, Marketing analytics


Ahmadou Dicko 🇲🇱

Director and principal analyst

R, Disease mapping and GIS, Reproducible and open science, Bayesian statistics, Linux and open source


Nelda Limilimi 🇺🇬

Associate Data Analyst

Data Science, R, Business Intelligence (BI), Blog Posts (Random life, motivation), Girls in Science & Technology


Anicet Ebou 🇨🇮

R&D Consultant

Genomic Data Science, Algorithms and methods, Leadership and ethics, Bass guitar


Vebashini Naidoo 🇿🇦

General Manager - Data Analytics

Data Analytics / Science, R, Python, SQL, Cloud Computing, Education, especially the upliftment of minority groups, through data analytics training, and workshops


Dennis Irorere 🇳🇬

Data Scientist

R, Geographic Information System (GIS), Python, Bash, SQL


Mohammed Ibrahim Ali 🇪🇬

Software Engineer

Mathematics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Anime