Building an R community in Africa

R in Africa Over the past 2 years, we have seen R transform from just an academic and health care research language to one of the major languages in the budding data science community in Africa. For a long time, data scientists and related disciplines have relied on R and many other packages to analyse data, however, the broader developer community didn’t fully understand its power in the tech industry.

A new-bie in the KampalR community

It’s been 2 years 3 months since I have been affiliated with the Kampala R User Group aka @KampalR How it all started Alas January, everyone is excited about the new year, resolutions flying East, West and everyone eager and anticipating a year of greatness. For some of us, especially when you have been over a year out of campus and into the real world, it’s a time to reflect and rethink what direction you want your life to take.